Affiliations of Arbor Essence

4 Seasons Arborscapes

The folks at 4 Seasons Arborscapes work with their clients to create site-specific plans for their tree-related needs. Rather than adopt a one-size-fits-all approach that emphasizes tree removal, they take into consideration factors such as tree health, the client’s landscaping goals, and aesthetic and safety concerns. Their goal is to apply our professional experience and training toward preservation and protection rather than removal.

The co-owners of 4 Seasons Arborscapes, Jim Bonner and David Schreier, have several decades of combined experience in the field.

4 Seasons Arborscapes is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and of the Tree Care Industry Association.

Companies & Organizations that I work with to better our landscapes. 

Conservation Tree Service

Conservation Tree is fully insured and services the greater Delaware Valley Area.  Their team of ISA Certified  Arborist’s specialize in tree and shrub pruning, planting, and preservation while promoting best management practices for your growing investment.  Call 610-368-8825 or email for a no obligation property inspection and job cost evaluation.       

David Brothers Nursery

For people who consider their gardens a personal reflection of their lifestyle, David Brothers Landscape Services is the leading choice for installation and maintenance of garden environments. David Brothers’ staff of experts in native plants and green solutions can beautify your property and create a haven for relaxation.

David Brothers Landscape Services will bring your ideas to life through design, client collaboration and thoughtful site planning. They help their clients connect with their surroundings by recommending and installing plantings and landscape construction to enhance your personal space. Their team of qualified professionals can provide follow up care, to keep your gardens looking great year round.

Parkway Tree & Landscaping Service

Ben Fedor, a ISA certified Arborist, started building his business from a young age doing any small job that he could find. After becoming interested in learning how to be a tree climber, Ben has continued to, not only maintain and install beautiful landscapes, but prune and remove large and small trees. He prides himself in completing jobs in a thorough manner and treating each job as if it were at his own house. He is willing to give suggestions and/or simply provide the services you request. Ben will be who returns your calls and completes the work on your property.

Harmony Hill Nursery, LLC

Harmony Hill is directed by Christopher Uhland, PCH, and is run by a team of passionate horticulturists growing strong drought and disease tolerant trees in an exceptional soil medium of clay rock and loam for a premium package.

They grow Specimen shade, flowering, and ornamental trees to 10 inch caliper or large evergreens to thirty feet.

They are conveniently located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania - just one mile North from the Route 30 bypass, 25 miles West of Philadelphia, in central Chester County. Harmony Hill Nursery has spent the past six years growing 28,000 shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees. These trees started their life in high quality Oregon Nurseries and were planted and raised in our rich and heavy Pennsylvania soils.

Chris and his team are devoted to delivering high quality finished plant material at a reasonable price and on time.

More on Chris and his credentials!

-   ISA Certified Arborist

  1. - TRAQ qualified (Tree Risk Assessment)

  2. - PA Certified Horticulturalist

  3. - ASCA Consulting Academy Graduate