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His and Hers Maple Travel Mugs

Lidded Vessel

Tea Light Holder


I began woodturning about 10 years ago on an old lathe my father-in-law had in his basement.  One of my passions is to take ordinary pieces of wood and create utilitarian or art objects.  Actually, the name of the company, Arbor Essence, was derived from this concept.

Wood turned items:

Currently, the travel mugs have been a real hit!  The average finished product ranges from about 6.25” x 3.50” in diameter.

Bottle Stoppers are a quick project and can be made from the smallest piece of “scrap” wood laying on the floor.  They typically are 2” x .75” and can be mated with natural cork or a stainless stopper. 

Tea Lights are a new project I have been working on.  I start with a solid block of wood about 5” square by 3” thick.  The tea light candle sits nicely in a glass holder for safety which can be removed for cleaning. 

Holiday Ornaments usually consist of two contrasting pieces of wood in which the globe is hollowed out to reduce the weight of the final piece.  The top cap and the finial / ice cycle are then glued on.  Final size can vary, but they are typically 6” x 2” (at the globe). 

Lidded “boxes” or Vessels are one of my favorite projects.  I like to pair two different pieces of wood for contrast, and   :   a twig for a handle to the lid.  Generally, this project can take months to finish depending on how dry the wood is that you are using.  As wet or green wood drys, its shape will contort, and usually become oval.  If you were to finish a lidded box with freshly cut wood, the bottom could become oval and the lid would no longer fit.  Most of the boxes I make have been made from wood which I have dried over the past 10 years to prevent mis-shaping. 

Bowls are another favorite project and can come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  The same drying concept applies when making bowls for “art” purposes.  However, when making a salad bowl or other utilitarian bowl, I do not mind turning a bowl from a recently cut tree and watching what it will do as it continues to dry.  

How to place an order?

I typically do not carry an inventory of any one item.  If you are interested in any of the items I make, please call or email me with your ideas.  Also, if you have a specific piece of wood you would like to use, let me know and I will instruct you as to how to preserve it until I can make something for you.

How to Pay for an Item?

Once your item is finished, I will notify you and send you a picture, and indicate total price which will include shipping  to your location (unless you are going to pick it up). 

Payments for an item can either be made via certified bank check or money order, or payment through PayPal.  Certified Bank Checks and Money Order payments shall be made out to Arbor Essence for the total amount.  Once payment is received, I will mail the item via USPS unless otherwise noted.   

Please follow these steps when paying with PAYPAL: 

  1. 1. Login to your PayPal account, or CLICK HERE to be directed to the “SEND SOMEONE MONEY” page.  You can also click the PayPal icon feature located to the right.

  2. 2.Input your email address in the “FROM” field and insert davidpaar@arbor-essence.com in the “TO” field.

  3. 3.Enter the total amount in USD and click CONTINUE.

  4. 4. Click the “PERSONAL” tab and select “GIFT”

  5. 5.Click “CONTINUE” 

Payment via “gifting” will null any additional fees such as debit 0r credit card payments or keep them low.

To watch a video on how this is done, CLICK HERE.  



When not practicing Arboriculture...

Please note, I am not a photographer, and the pictures do not always reveal the true beauty of the objects as if you were holding them.

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